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.Please read this information carefully. By ticking the box you are agreeing to the Ticket 55 Privacy Policy. The following Policy will explain how your personal details and other  information you provide to us through this website will be used

.When you book a ticket through Ticket 55 we will ask for your full name, telephone number, email address and your card details. This will allow us to process your ticket request,  track your order and contact you regarding your booking if necessary

.All information that you enter into Ticket 55 website is encrypted. Encryption is a method of scrambling messages so they cannot be read without the decryption keys. Our 128-bit  encryption system ensures that your personal and credit details remain safe

.By agreeing to the Ticket 55 Privacy Policy you consent to receiving marketing information about events that we advertise on the Ticket 55 website. You can unsubscribe from this  service at any time by following the unsubscribe link in the emails you receive

No personal information provided by you will be shared with any third parties, unless you agree to it by clicking on statement box when completing a booking. We may share general information about our customers with advertisers , business-partners,  sponsors&other third parties. We use this data to customise our service offerings and content based on your needs. This data is not personally identifiable. Credit and debit card details securely held by the company which processes your transaction.

We never save information such as passwords or credit card numbers on cookies. We do, however, require cookies in order to process transactions (we use cookies to keep track of what is in your shopping basket, for example). If you have the cookies turned off, you will not be able to use our transaction services. Our servers store IP addresses for all connections to the service. This information will be used for statistical purposes only. If any of your personal information changes i.e, mistake in your name, contact number

  .or address please contact us and we will update our data immediately

.The following Terms and Conditions apply to your general use of Ticket 55 website, which is owned, operated and controlled by Ticket 55 Limited


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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